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  New Homes, Additions, Alterations, Outbuildings, Small Construction Projects, Failure Investigations and Repairs.

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On-site investigation of building problems, dysfunctions and failures.

• investigative demolition,
  written and photographic
  documentation of

• locate source(s) of
  failure and when feasible
  implement repair

• track down water from
  rain, pipes, and the ground

When there are issues with your property related to water in the basement, cracks in walls, water on the ceiing, rot, animal and/or insect pests, uncomfortable heating and/or cooling; what it takes to do something is not what may be needed solve the problem.

Don’t just do something
   figure out what is broken first.

collapsed walkway

Failed Interior Foundation Drain

new foundation partition

Rotting Soffit

no foundation

Deteriorating Vent Flashing

Spalling Brick

Brick Surface Spalling

Failing Mortar Joint

Failing Mortar Joint

water damaged brick

Failing Chimney Liner

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