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  Residential Repairs, Installations and Small Construction Projects

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You can hire honest, conscientious help that works for your best interest.

... because it you wanted to gamble you would go to Las Vegas.

With building design and construction administration experience starting in 1979 and construction project management experience starting in 1998, I undertook renovating my own property in 2000 with the intention of subcontracting out the work. Due to ludicrous subcontractor pricing at the time I moved to doing the majority of work personally. In the process I acquired the tools and skills needed to perform most home repair and small construction projects.


Initially at the request of friends having difficulty finding responsive interested contractors, I have undertaken home repairs for others. My design and management background provides insight into how buildings are put together and where to look for construction problems.

Service is targeted to meet your needs. All work is done to current building standards and nothing is covered up for you to find latter.

If it is in or around your home I will likely be able to help you with it. Please ask.

Please call (703.524.7595) or
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Working out of Arlington, VA 22207.

flashing failure

Flashing Installation Failure
Leaking into Living Room

flashing repair

Flashing Grouted into Brick


Missing Foundation Wall

hole repair

New Infill Partition
w/ Vent Inlet

hole repair

Broken Concrete Door Threshold

hole repair

Recast Concrete Repair


Leaking Shed Roof

hole repair

Shed Roof Removed


New Blocking For New Roof

hole repair

New Corrugated Roof

hole in drywall ceiling
after plumber's work

drywall hole squared and
enlarged for patch

drywall patch with
first of 2 coats of plaster

final patch primed for paint


Failing Mortar Joint

hole repair

Tuck Pointed Repair
with Matching Mortar


Source of Leak in Basement

hole repair

Vent Flashing Replaced

Hands On Experience:

Modify site drainage; parge and water proofing foundation wall; install basement foundation drainage system and sump pump; salvage red cedar fence board and rebuild fence in new location; set driveway, terrace and walk paving (stone and masonry); build brick stairs; build landscape trellis'; install garden pond; design and build wood deck; brick and block work (repairs, infill, tuck pointing, and mortar matching); install metal corrugated siding and trim; cast concrete footings; build CMU foundation walls; construct new and enlarged masonry and wood framed openings; construct partition walls; repair insect and rot damaged wood; window installation, broken window glass repair; install cabinets and hardware; install doors; change and repair door hardware; rekey Schlage F-Series dead bolts and knobs; repair roof leaks; repair/replace failed sheathing, replace chimney flashing, vent flashing; clean gutters; parge chimney caps; repair rotten fascia boards and failed soffit, heat load calculations; supervise replacement of furnace and compressor; design and install duct work; tape, insulate and vapor wrap attic truck duct; install wood stove along with masonry repairs and relining chimney, replace/install B-vent chimney liner; light pilot lights; repair cooling condensation drain lines; plumbing maintenance (replace faucet washers, drain and flush water heater, toilet fill and flush valves, snake some clogged drains); replace house shut-off valve and outdoor hose bib; replace disposal; replace vanity; replace sinks and faucets; replace toilet and wax ring; house electrical wiring design; add wiring and service panel; install dimmer and timer switches; install GFCIs; repair/replace light fixtures; install ceiling fans; repair/replace attic fans; drywall and plaster new and patched, paint, remove wall paper; flooring (subfloor prep and patch, replace/set ceramic, terracotta tile, vinyl tile); evict carpenter bees and powder post beetles, treat for termites ...

roof replacement

Major Renovation of Personal Property

Please call (703.524.7595) or email ( for more information.
Working out of Arlington, Virginia 22207