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Schematic design drawings are the first stage of planning for a construction project. During the design phase, the client's objectives for the project, are documented in writing and then illustrated with drawings to show how the objectives will be accomplished. Depending on the complexity of the objectives and the limitations of the site multiple designs may be produced, whether the project is an addition or a custom home. Each design will address the project objectives and allow the client to clarify project priorities and flush out unspoken desires.

Creating the plans and sometimes elevations allows the client to see how the project objectives will be implemented. On projects of substantive scope, It can take three design plans to arrive at an agreed-on solution. The final design marries together the desired parts of the first two designs. With less project objectives there is less design involved.

Consider the following side-by-side comparison of designs for a major renovation and expansion of an existing home. The client's original design is on the left and the final design is on the right. The final design, prepared by TBB, is the result of the schematic design process. In this case the client only requested structural drawings, wanting no design services. During the first meeting, however, TBB pointed out design opportunities that appealed to the client and schematic design services were retained.

The client's original design had dark interior corridors, a lack of flow between different rooms, loss of a bedroom due the chimney location, and unusable space left over by the turret, as well as the house having an overall cavernous environment.

The accepted plan created a sunlit central stair well allowing short circulation to all rooms and the house's multiple levels. It also demonstrated how to use conventional structural support and provides a means for central heating and cooling to all floors. The conventional structure also allowed the exterior of the house to be styled so that it had the "country feel" that was desired by the client.

      Owner's design L1

            Owner's First Floor Plan

      TBB's Design L1

            TBB's First Floor Plan

      Owner's design L2

            Owner's Second Floor Plan

      TBB's design L2

            TBB's Second Floor Plan

      Owner's design

            Owner's Birds Eye View

      TBB bird's eye view

            TBB's Birds Eye View

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