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Permit Drawings are the minimum drawings needed to satisfy a local building departments interest in your project meeting the requirements of the building code. The building code may require things in permit drawings that the local building permit office does not care about. For residential projects permit offices will only require drawings to show that the work can be done to code and that someone will not be required to tear something down. The Building Department's approval of your Permit Drawing submission does not mean the project can not be built wrong.

Without adequate planning and oversight, changes may still be required to finished work. An inspector may require something demanded by the code and assumed to be provided but not shown in the drawings. The Owner of a project, not the permit office, is responsible for making sure the project complies with the code.

Permit Drawings are intended to obtain a building permit from the local building department and not to be a comprehensive description of the construction work or the owner and builder relationship. Permit Drawings are only partial Construction Documents. There is minimal to no construction detailing; material, equipment or finish specifications, and no cost control, scheduling, bidding, bid review, contracting or construction administration services. The specifics of construction are the responsibility of the owner and builder working together.

When comparing Permit Drawing service providers', look at sample drawings representative of the services you are requesting. If you cannot read drawings then you want to have a relationship of trust with the provider. You will want to be able to ask questions and have things explained.

Below is a vignette of residential permit drawings. If you would like to receive a sample of my permit drawing work please contact me.

permit drawing

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