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Single Family Detached

• Design new sunroom and
  patio space to replace
  existing outdoor deck

A zoning submission package was prepared for the Client's use. The submission included photographic documentation of the existing site and drawings of the proposed changes.

Initial design consultation services helped the Client see the unintended consequences of his desired sunroom location. Located the sunroom outside the kitchen eating area had changes in floor level, obstructed access and impacted a second story window. The sunroom was moved to be adjacent to the living room.

The preparation of design drawings allowed the client to see the result of decisions on ceiling height and the size of windows and doors.

Total design and permit drawings services = $2086.

Photos have been provided by the Client and from TBB's original and post completion site visits.

view of original back of house

Original Rear Deck

view of back corner of new sunroom

New Sunroom from Patio

side view of original deck

Steps up to Original Deck

side view of new sunroom

New steps up to new Sunroom

view from house into new sunroom

View into New Sunroom

view of path through sunroom to patio

Path from House through Sunroom
to Patio

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