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• Open wall between Kitchen
  & Living/Dining Room for
  Open Spacious Social Plan

• Remodel Kitchen w/ new cabinets,
  counter and appliances.

Initial design consultations and site work defined the location of existing house plumbing, air ducts and framing in the kitchen wall that was desired to be removed. Detailed existing plans were prepared to assure that utilities could be relocated. Permit drawings were prepared for the Client’s use. During construction, Construction Management consulting was provided with the Client acting as general contractor.

Design plans & elevations for use as permit drawings ($619); working along with Client on framing, electrical and plumbing relocation, drywall, cabinet and trim installation ($6203).

Total services + construction materials = $7104.
The Client supplied appliances, cabinets and lights, electrical and plumbing installation

Photos have been provided by the Client and from TBB's original and post completion site visits.


… The design drawings that Thomas Buford produced allowed me to make the correct design decisions prior to initiating the project.

The job entailed tearing down a wall and redirecting all the upstairs plumbing into a limited space. Without the drawings it would have been impossible to assess. .. Thomas took the time to explain the limitations of the space and provided me with construction and design insight that was invaluable.

… Thomas Buford (assisted) me with the teardown and construction of the kitchen. Thomas' attention to detail, design perspectives and overall professionalism made the project a complete success . …

Jim W.
May 28 2012

new kitchen and pass through

Remodeled Kitchen and Wall Opening



original kitchen pass through

Original Dining Room Wall
from Living Room

new kitchen pass through

Remodeled Kitchen Wall Opening
from Living Room

original kitchen left

Original Kitchen Left End

new kitchen left

Remodeled Kitchen Left End

original kitchen right

Original Kitchen Doorway

new kitchen right

Remodeled Kitchen Doorway

view of original kitchen opening

Original Kitchen Pass Through

view of new kitchen opening

Remodeled Kitchen Pass Through

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